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Thread: CTI Oct 2015.

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    "Hi there; we'll be there the 20th through the 26th - we're from the Seattle area and coming down for Michelle's 40th. The whole thing is a surprise for her, she's only been told to work on her tan before October, bring sunscreen and it will take three modes of transportation to get there Anyway, I'd love to meet with a like minded couple (or three) while down there to make the evenings a bit more interesting." Thoughts?

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    "Add us!!! Oct 20-26 Mark and Michelle (from the Seattle area)"

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    We are booked!! Arriving the 20th and departing the 26th. We'll be flying down from San Francisco after taking the train down there from Seattle.

    So, who else is going to be there at the same time as us?? is our "regular" email should anyone care to chat.

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    Not sure what you're expecting but this is not Hedonism. Hope you enjoy you're stay but you may find it tame.

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    "Not expecting a Hedo type place, I actually selected CTI because of the laid back and relaxed atmosphere reports We WANT tame, relaxed, calm, no pressure, not expectations, good food, good company, interesting place, interesting people, interesting trip to get there kind of place. I'm actually just trying to connect with people booked around the same time just to connect in the normal sense of the word "

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandj View Post
    Not sure what you're expecting but this is not Hedonism. Hope you enjoy you're stay but you may find it tame.
    Indeed. Someone is on the wrong site.
    Maybe reading the Couples mission statement would be a wise choice, but it would have been a better idea BEFORE counting out those pennies.

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    Add us, Marc & Barbara arrive on the 16th & depart on the 23rd.

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    Here is a list for October. Please copy and paste missing
    information or add your names to the list.
    See you in October. Ed & Lynn, M&D

    CTI October 2015

    Oct 3-11 Crystal & Travis
    Oct 3-13 Dandj ????
    Oct 9-17 Phil & Jane
    Oct 15-23 Harry & Debbie
    Oct 15-26 Ed & Lynn, M&D
    Oct 15-26 Chris & Lynda
    Oct 16-23 Marc & Barbara
    Oct 16-25 Bill & Tami
    Oct 20-26 Mark & Michelle
    Oct 23-27 Dirk & Lisa
    Oct 24-31 Florrio ????
    Oct 24-31 Jennifer & ????
    Oct 24-31 2 other couples ????

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