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    Default Booking 10 days @ Negril Christmas and New Years

    Hi all!

    I apologize in advance if this is a repeat question, but I am looking to book a 10 day stay Dec 24th, 2015 through January 3rd, 2016.

    Currently, the prices are double what I expected (not even including airfare).

    What I would like to know, if you could help me out, is when do the special rates for Dec/Jan become available? Even when they come out, will my dates be excluded or blacked-out, because of the Holidays?

    We are repeaters, we stayed 7 days at CTI in April, 2010. We really, really want to spent this time together at Couples. We need it, we need the sun and fun, we need the romance!!!

    I read a thread about booking before the special rates come out, to ensure that you get the room you want for the dates you want, and that Couples will 're-book' for you under the new discounted rate. But no confirmation on that . It makes me worried to book now because under the current price, we cannot afford couples this year, and will have to settle for something within our budget.

    Can anyone please help answer these questions? Your responses will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in anvance.

    Becky & Wayne
    CTI in April 2010

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    They recently jacked up the rates for the holidays so you'll have to pay up if you want to go that time of year.

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    Prices in Negril are considerably higher than in Ocho Rios, so that may be part of your sticker shock. Also the time period you're planning to travel is high season, and rates are at their highest at that time of year. April is when the rates drop.

    I'm not sure when the special rates came out for those travel dates, but the early booking for 2016 was released in February '15, and it was only available for a short time. You can watch for other specials to come out for that time period, but there's no way to know if any other offers will come up before your trip, so you probably don't want to book at the current rates because there is a chance you'll be stuck with them.

    Also, you can book a room at any point. You can even book 2 years in advance, and if the rates aren't out yet, they'll book at the standard rate they have (no promos included). Then, if a better deal comes out for your travel dates, and if the room category you selected is not sold out, they will let you rebook at the better rate later. I have used their "Best Deal Guarantee" for the past two trips to Couples. They are always happy to help you get the better deal after you've booked.

    In your case, if you can't afford Negril, look into Sans Souci! It's less money, and would give you the opportunity to try a different resort.

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    You are booking the highest week of the year. Your price is probably twice what it will be almost any other time of the year. Other places will also be very high, it is high season and the week between Christmas and New Years doesn't get any higher.

    As far as booking. Book now, Couples has a guarantee that if a better price comes out, you can rebook and save the money. I seriously do not believe you will find a better price than right now. And the longer you wait the more likely a room will not be available. Hotels always sell out the week between Christmas and New Years.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Don't think you will find a better price than right now AND it is one the most popular weeks of the year for the resort, so the sooner the better.
    They tend to sell out that week usually by fall.

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    To get the best rate you need to book as soon as the yearly prices are announced. They announce every year around Feb or March. For the holidays it means that you are booking almost 20 months in advance. Combined with other price changes they implement, the prices have gone up significantly in the Negril area. You should check CTI or CSS prices. Also this thread

    We are booked for CSA this year for XMAS and CTI for 2016

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