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    We normally go to CN in January but couldn't quite make it work this year. What's the weather like in December? January we sometimes get a spot of rain which is fine. But for some reason I have it in my Midwest head that December wouldn't be as warm as I'd like.
    Holly Irvin

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    No Worries! We are returning to CSA for our 5th trip in Dec. Every one of our trips has been in Dec. Any where from the beginning of the month to the end. The weather has allways been perfect! Mid to high 80's every day. You might see an afternoon shower that lasts a half hour or so but that's about it. We have never seen anything more than that. Go and relax as you would in January! Enjoy the December weather!

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    We stayed at CN over Christmas and New Year in 2013, and it was hot, good enough for us. I suppose its all down to individual taste, but we loved it. Yes we got a couple of very short, but almost welcome, showers, but just went into the sea and enjoyed it! Soon dried up and back to relaxing. We are getting ready to go in February, in 14 days, so the excitement is building.

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