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    Default Floyd's from CSA

    My husband and I are interested in taking a trip to Floyd's but we've never talked to anyone who's been. How long does it take to get there? Is it worth the trip? Do you book through the resort? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    It takes about 2 hours each way. If done by itself, it's not worth wasting a whole day. We combined it with the Black River Safari and YS Falls. There's also the rum factory in the same area. We hired a private driver for $250 for the whole day which included all admissions, the boat shuttle to/from Floyd's and lunch. The message board rules prevent me from saying the name of the tour company who took us.

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    Wally, do you think you could shoot me an email regarding the tour name that you used for this trip and any information you have or experience? My wife and I have been wanting to take one similar to yours the last few years
    but have never pulled the trigger on it. My email is Thank you!

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    Beautiful pictures Wally.....Makes me very homesick though lol.

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    Thanks much for the info!

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