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    Default 25 Days till Paradise/ watersports

    We are so excited to be going back for our 2nd trip. 25 days and counting. So can't wait. We live in NY and so ready to escape the cold weather up here. Just got 3 inches of snow this morning. Has anyone done any of the non motorized watersports? Curious on the best ones. We never did any on our last trip and would like to do some this time around

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    Stand-up paddle boards and kayaks last time, both fun. Next time I vow to try the Hobie cat!

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    The water is so clear you can see starfish out by the swimming ropes.

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    We love the hobie cats, water bikes, & kayaks. Instuction for the hobie cats is easy.... We always try to do an activity in the morning before sand gravity takes over. Being from CT, we are REALLY tired of the constant snow. Our trip begins on the 16th. Can't Wait!!!

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    The Hobie Cats are a blast. You didn't say which resort are you going to. CN has a glass bottom kayak now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    CN has a glass bottom kayak now.
    But no single kayaks! There is one but it "has to be certified" before being used. That was my wife's major, and I do mean MAJOR, complaint last week about CN.

    Mine was that I had to wait 45 minutes for a Hobie Cat. They need to get the fourth Hobie in use at CN (and maybe the 16' Hobie too).

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    Sorry we are staying at Swept Away

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    SusanandKevin, where did you ride water bikes? CSA didn't have them last year, and the watersports guys we asked about them said they've never seen any since they've been employed there. My hubby just emailed the resort to see if they would have them this year (for our return), and the representative who answered said that none of the Couples resorts have had the water bikes for the last five years (some sort of operational problem with them).

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    We've done the water bikes in the past but they are no more.

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