Single Digit Dance and might have to cancel, because of a possible hip fracture. We are waiting on the results of MRI of Hip, Arthrogram and MRI of Hip, and MRI of Back and I am walking around on crutches to keep the weight of my right hip until I get the results Monday or Tuesday May 13th. We are suppose to leave MAY 17TH TO BE A CSA. Now I am trying to find out what all I can do if I have to cancel. I bought trip insurance for CSA on thIer website : TRIP MATE is the name of the insurance carrier. I also bought trip insurance through American Airlines: it is through ALLIANZ. I hope the doctor tells me I just pulled something and I an OK to go . I can deal with the pain to be a CSA. Has anyone had to cancel and have any suggestions on what steps I need to take if I have to.