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    Default Currently at CN. 8/31-9/7

    Been here a few days and having a wonderful time.

    They are working on building 6 and consequently the lunch buffet is being held daily at the beach grill. Noise is not too awful. They only work on the building from around 9-4. They have changed the mini bar procedure back to ordering on the card instead of calling. The government has given the green light for the resort to build a veggie bar which should be completed by December. Those are the main changes.

    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I am so excited to hear that they are putting a veggie bar in! We're going December 26 - January 3, so hopefully we'll get to try it out! Thanks for the remodel update as well... We will be first-timers at CN (were at CTI for honeymoon two years ago) - so any good input on what is spectacular and not-to-be-missed (besides the beach and Jamaica in general!) would be awesome! Have a GREAT rest of your trip!

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    omg!!!!!!!! VEGGIE BAR!!!!!!!!

    best news ever!

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    Thanks for the update - really appreciate it - we will be there end nov beginning dec, I wonder if the veggie bar will be open by then?

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    What is a veggie bar, and where will it be built?

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    If it's like Seagrapes at Swept Away, oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!

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    Thanks for the update! Have you been having good weather? I'm sure it is darn right HOT Yes, a veggie bar would be nice. Have they said when #6 is due for completion? What building were you put in... hope it is what you requested!!!

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    So excited - a veggie bar!!!!

    ColoradoJuli, you said that the lunch buffet is being offered at the beach grill. I'm assuming that this means that the Cassava Terrace is closed for lunch. Is it open for breakfast, or do you have to go to the beach grill for breakfast, too?

    Two years ago when they were working on the roof of the Cassava Terrace it was closed for breakfast and lunch and only open for dinner. That meant that there was only one place at the resort to get breakfast or lunch - the beach bar, and they weren't offering a buffet for lunch. The small lunch menu at the beach grill got a little boring after three or four days. I'm happy to hear that at least this year they are serving a buffet lunch at the beach bar. Hopefully they have a lot of food options on the buffet. I really hope that Cassava is open for breakfast.

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    Veggie Bar, Whoop Whoop!!!

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    Yes the breakfast buffet is held in the main area. Lunch buffet by the grill/other restaurant.

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    Any idea where they will be putting the veggie bar?

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    Sorry for the delay, I'm home now and will post a full review, but to answer questions:

    The main breakfast area is still open. I think they have just closed it for lunch due to the noise of construction during lunch hour.

    The Veggie Bar will be in the 'wooded' area between the beach grill and the bathrooms.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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