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    Default August 2015... who's coming??

    We just booked for August 2015,anyone going to be there? We love meeting new people and making new friends and would lie to see who else is going to be there

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    Coming home this August! Will book for 2015 I'm sure after that!

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    We are going August 13-20

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    when are you coming in august 2015?

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    awesome... we are going to be there 10-17 so we should totally meet up. have you ever been to couples tower island?

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    we always go the last week!

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    Default sounds like we might miss you then

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    Sorry Billamysmith August is a great time to go its the low season and the resort is typically not crowded. Enjoy!

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    In just 13 weeks we will be "back home" in paradise!! So excited to be headed to our favorite place August 21-28, and celebrating 30 years of marriage!

    Oops! Just realized that this was the August 2015 thread and not the August 2014! Sure happy that we don't have to wait another year plus 13 weeks!
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    I understand... but we are really looking forward to going

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    have a great time let me know how the time was. this is going to be our first time there

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    Cindyjoy we will be arriving the 23-31! Congrats on the anniversary! Drinks are on me!

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