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    Default Secret Rendezvous

    Anyone ever try the Secret Rendezvous? Where did you go? What was your overall experience with it?
    We have been to Swept Away twice with two more trips booked and just can't seem to not want to go
    there and give one of high other resorts a try. Well when they came out with the June Secret Rendezous
    I started thinking wow that would be fun and not having a say would get rid of the problem
    of me only wanting to go to SA, yes I do know its a possibility that we could send up at SA.

    Just looking for some input on experiences and what room category you were put in.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Ya Mon
    CSA 2012, 2013

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    Did it in 09, ended up at css in c block -C-3. Huge suite, veranda with lush foliage view but nice. I thought it was a great room for the money we saved. I'd do it again but hubby really likes csa(I do too) so we probably won't do it again. Good value and kind of fun

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    Hi SWJones, we booked the Secret Rendezvous in June 2005. It was actually really exciting waiting on the news. We booked through a travel agent who recommended the Couples resorts and the SR was a bit cheaper (and we didn't have to make the decision). We kept tossing all the +'s and -'s of each resort around in our head. After we booked the SR we kinda hoped to end up at CTI. we didn't though. We went to CN and had a wonderful time. The resort was perfect. We were so happy with CN. Now, 9 years later, our 30th anniversary is Sept 1 this year. We're all book for 8 nights at CTI, and very excited. Good luck to you whatever you choose.

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