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    Default Watersports at CTI

    Hi all, Me again, only 146 days or so to go before hitting the beach at CTI

    My question today is about the watersports activities. I notice on this website that water-skiing is included but on reviews you read no-one seem to mention doing it. Is it available? I would have thought something like this would have been popular. Also my wife and i have our own snorkel mask which we bring on our holidays but i am not the greatest of swimmers so would the water activity team borrow me a life jacket so we can snorkel off the beach on our own?

    Thank you in advance


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    Yes, waterskiing is included. The only time I've ever seen anyone do it in three visits is when my friend did it last year. She said it was great! I don't know why it's not more popular. I'd do it if I had any idea how.

    As for the life jacket, I can't imagine they'd say no. Better than pulling you out of the water later if you get into trouble.

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