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    I am just wondering what everybody has picked for your music

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    These are our song choices (so far--who knows it could change): “Sparkle” by Cameo (4:50) for my entrance song; “Cherish” by Kool and the Gang (3:58) for our exit and sand ceremony song; “Differences” by Ginuwine (4:26) for our signing and cake cutting; “Love’s Holiday” by Earth, Wind, & Fire (4:21) for our first dance; and we may incorporate these songs somehow (by breaking up the exit/sand ceremony and our signing/cake cutting): “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder (4:24); “Soon as I Get Home” by Babyface (5:08); “One” by Tyrese (3:43); & “God Knows” by 112 (5:08). We really love music and it plays a big role in our life so...we may be able to play all of them somehow or another...we'll see!

    BTW, if you don't know these songs you should listen/look them up on the internet or itunes or something. They are really good songs.
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    So far, this has been very difficult for us, we both love music very much, so it's a very important decision for us. We want something semi classic, semi non traditional, not really lovin' the Bob Marley (just our opinion), cathedral music is out... but we have looked at possibly some Enya for our walk down the isle. Don't know about the other two songs for the ceremony. Want to get that lined out soon.

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    I'm going to walk down the aisle to a dub version (it's just the instrumental and harmonies) of Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden. We're going to exit to (Love Moves In) Mysterious Ways by Michael English. We'll play Amazed by Lonestar during the document signing/cake cutting. Our first dance song will be Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
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    We used Spend My life with you by Eric Benet- Bridal Procession
    Solid by Ashford and Simpson- Recessional and So High by John Legend (first dance). We also had a cd of Reggae( bought on booze cruise other songs) for cake and signing.

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    We are kind of struggling on that too. I think we're going to use the Beyonce version of Ave Maria for me to walk down the isle to, the hawaiian verson of "over the rainbow" as our exit. And maybe the jason mraz "im yours" song for cake cutting. And maybe stevie wonder "sunshine of my life" for the marriage license signing. I still have no clue and trying to piece it together. Luckily I still have over 9 months to worry about it

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    I guess something I'm not sure about, is if I have a 2 and a half minute song for walking down the isle, and have a 4 foot long isle (no guests)... can you pick a point in the song to actually walk down? I am just thinking that some of the songs are longer in length than the particular portion of the ceremony is actually going to take, know what I mean?

    Also, do we do a first dance if it's just us or only if we're having a reception with guests?

    I believe we decided to order the DVD along with our photo package, and I think people say they put songs in the backgroud of that too???

    I am a bit at a loss as to how many songs to choose.

    Also, another song everyone might want to check out is Wedding Day by Seal. It's a duet he sang with Heidi when they got married, and it's pretty good... it's on our maybe list.

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    When in Jamaica have Jamaican music this is what we used for our vow renewal at CSS:

    1. Dreamland – Marcia Griffths
    2. Is this love – Bob Marley
    3. From this moment on – Shania Twain (the only non Jamaican themed song)
    4. Angel – Shaggy
    5. Three little birds – Bob Marley
    6. Still in love with you – Sean Paul & Sasha
    7. Can’t help falling in love – UB40
    8. One Love – Bob Marley
    9. I got you babe – UB40 & Chrissy Hide
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    Here is what I have so far.I chose songs that meant something to us as well as one Bob Marley...

    Pre ceremony- When I look into your eyes by Firehouse. (first song we ever slow danced to)
    Exit song- Beautiful Day by U2 (just love the song)
    First Dance- Faithfully by Journey (im sure this needs no explanation lol)
    Cake and Toast- One love by Bob Marley (for fun)

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