I'm reading quite a few threads about impromptu afterdark au naturel gatherings at Sunset Beach at Couple San Souci. It looks like this is becoming quite a popular activity and I for one definitely want to encourage CSS management to allow this to continue. We were at CSS last week and we also met up with other guests one evening for some SSB star gazing - so much fun and what a relaxing end to our day. A few folks brought beverages from their rooms and security was very accommodating adjusting the lighting around the pool and hot tub. It was great star gazing and chatting with the other five couples who were there. Sort of reminded me of those wonderful days of youth skinny dipping with friends. Everyone was very respectful and behaved themselves - just wonderful people spending time under an amazing Jamaican starry sky with the lights of Ocho Rios in the distance. Magical!
If I can make a suggestion to CSS management it would be to allow this continue on an impromptu manner AND also possibly considered setting two evenings a week (example, Monday and Thursday) as scheduled afterdark au naturel star gazing at SSB and provide a bar tender from 8:30 until 11:30. I bet it would be a huge hit.