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    Default Aug wedding date at CSW?

    We are getting married at CSW on Aug 4, . We arrive July 31 and leave Aug 7. First timers at CSW also.
    Anyone else getting married there during that time?
    It will just be the two of us; its a second wedding for us both............12 years in the waiting!!!
    Would love to hear from you if your also marrying or honeymooning during this time.

    Also love to hear of you have any helpful hints for us newbies

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    Congrats! ! It was the best decision we ever made that's for sure. We got married there in 04 and had so much fun we renewed our vows in April.
    Just a couple of things to remember is use lots if sunscreen as the sun is intense. You don't want to look like a lobster for your pictures. Also careful with the alcohol. Its free flowing and easy to over do it at a place like CSA. Hangovers are no fun especially on vacation. Have an awesome time as I'm sure you will. If you'd care for a few pics or have any more questions, feel free to email me at

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