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    Default going nov 7 to the 14th

    first time there. not excited about bus ride, but its still vacation.

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    We'll be there 11/5 - 11/10. Actually booked the Tim Air flight for the trip there as a surprise for hubby and doing the bus ride back at the end of the trip.

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    i heard the bus has air conditioning and air ride suspension. we will be there the 7th-14th also. arriving mbj 2:00

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    we'll be there the 8th thru the 15th!!! renewing our vows on the 11th. look for us while you're laying on the beach nursing your hangover from the night before, haha!


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    I'll be there with my new hubby nov. 8-16. amiller...maybe i'll see you on the bus! what time does your flight arrive?

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    hey coffeekitty!

    yea that would be awesome!! we get in around 12:30.. flight is US Airways 985... how about you?

    and tkryan- we are taking tim air back home! i tried to surprise him, but he's too excited and made me spill the beans.

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