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    I know it seems a long way away but have just booked our return to CSA on the 15th for 2 weeks.
    We got married on the beach on August 27th last year,really wanted to go back this year,but financially not possible:-(.Have saved hard & our reward will be well worth it.We loved our trip & cannot wait to go back :-).
    Fred & Mary Driver

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    We'll see you there Nov 27-Dec 1. Can't wait!!

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    We were not going to be returning home in 2015. Already had a place in North Carolina set for a family reunion of the extended family in July. Got a call that oldest son and wife are expecting #2 with an ETA during that week so they were out. Others decided it wasn't going to work with work schedules etc. Bottom line wife said cancel NC. Being the obedient husband, I processed the cancellation. However, since my email was blowing up with notices about Couples pricing about to go up, I booked a week at CSA so we could return home this year. Looking forward to a One Love Pub Crawl with Lenbert Thursday or Friday 11/12, 11/13, I've forgotten which days the Crawl takes place. Hope the GBB/Snorkel boat is back in action by then.

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    My husband and I are going for the first time on 11/6 for 10 days. We are celebrating his 50th birthday. We are so excited and can't wait. What is the One Love Pub Crawl? Sounds interesting

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    The One Love Pub Crawl is a tour of smaller local bars around the greater Negril area. I think we hit 8 different places, from smaller established bars to a small shack in Shanty town. You get a real flavor of the people and life in Negril (very different than the resort environment).

    When we did it in November there were people from many different hotels in Negril, it is not just a Couples thing. It is a great event, and we plan on doing it again this year. People generally budget $80-$100US drinks are roughly $3 at each spot plus you will want to tip Lenbert (the coordinator, driver, goodwill ambassador and overall great guy).

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    We will be there Nov 28-Dec 5th. (First-timers but familiar with the resort through brother/SIL who are annual visitors).

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    T-minus 200 days, calling out anyone going to be there 11/10 - 11/17? Pub Crawl Thursday or Friday?

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    We will be there Nov 26 to Dec 5th! First time to CSA and can't wait!

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    We just returned a week ago from our first trip to Jamaica and staying at CTI and have already booked our anniversary trip to CSA for Nov 24-Dec 1 2015! We just can't stay away and are really looking forward to seeing the Negril sunsets and Seven Mile Beach. We are hoping the water will be tranquil enough for the water sports that we are wanting to do and had to forfeit at CTI due to the wind. 6 months away!

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    Giving this a bump. We are scheduled to be there 11/10 - 11/17 and plan on Trading Places at CN for a day and a One Love Pub Crawl. Anyone else? Thread seems quiet for being a month away from DDD.

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    Is the One Love Pub Crawl on certain dates or is it something that we can go and do when we are there from Nov 24- Dec 1? I have never heard of it and it sounds fun! TIA!

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    It is not associated with Couples. A gentleman by the name of Lenbert Williams runs it and does the driving. I forget which days of the week he normally does it.
    You have to contact him to secure a spot on the bus. It is a blast and we definitely will be doing it during our next trip home.

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    Thanks, Plantersman! We will definitely look into that. Counting down the days!

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