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    Hi everyone, it's been 3 years since we've been there and know about the major renovation it underwent. The pics are all great and we are looking forward to our 4th visit at the end of April. We wondering if anyone can answer our question about the staff. We have read that some have gone over to CSS but were wondering which of our family we will get to see. We knew Eva, Cymone - Activities, kirk and Barbara from houskeeping. We are also wondering about the dive staff AJ, Collon and Marlin. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Yea returning home finally!!!!!!!

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    No worries, they have came back from their vacation and are just as friendly as before.

    Eva, Cymone, kirk, AJ, Collon and Marlin ===>Yes

    Barbara==>???? (We do not know her, she most likely came back)
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    During the first renovation closure, we got bumped to CSS. Many of the staff were working there temporarily. I know that Ava and Collin are still at CTI. I am pretty sure someone said that Simone stayed at CSS, though someone else will know for sure. I'm not sure about Kirk and Barbara from housekeeping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jon1963 View Post
    Barbara==>???? (We do not know her, she mostly came back)
    She mostly came back? Were parts of her left behind?

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