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    Default CSS: Who has stayed in a Deluxe Ocean Suite

    Hi all!
    So I've searched the boards and got the general scoop on Deluxe Ocean Suites (most basic category, a few rooms in Block C, no balcony), but I couldn't find any posts offering opinions or more detailed info on them. We booked a 5-night trip for next month on a bit of a whim and are just happy to be going, but are still curious as to what to expect. What are the views like from these rooms? Does anyone have a favorite DO room # or have any pictures to post?
    We were at CTI two years ago and did a day trade to CSS so we're really excited for the opportunity to spend more time there. Thanks!

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    I guess you are back by now so don't need the feedback, sorry, I missed your post

    We stayed at CSS 2.5 years ago in c block - our room was huge! Large bedroom and large separate living area - we had no balcony but the very large half wall length windows opened in the living area to almost turn the whole room in to a verandah. It was also close to everything - well a few stairs to everywhere and only one night when the beach party was on did we hear any noise when we turned in - and that was only a few minutes as it ended at 11.00.

    I hear from other threads this block may be being remodelled - but as it currently stands we were very happy with our room in that block

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