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    Default Want To Do Pub Crawl On Jamaica's 52nd Independence Anniversary And Our 20th Anniv!?

    Should hubby and I do this?
    Looking for something a bit different this year.
    We will be there for our 20th anniversary, which is also 8/6
    I was worried about missing events if we do the pub crawl.
    Anyone have any insight into this?
    We will be at CSA. Last time we were in Jamaica was 2011 at CN. The dancing beach event on 8/6 that was done in the middle of the day was spectacular! However, since we will be limited in time and have done many of the other excursions/events, I was wanting to change things up this year.
    Unfortunately, it will be all happening the same day!
    Thoughts?! Thank you

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    Thank you Lenbert! Can't wait for our tour!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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