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    Default April 14 - April 22 2010 CSA

    This will our first visit to CSA and Jamaica for that matter. We are getting married at CSA on April 17th 2010. My fiance and I are soooo excited.

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    Default have picked a wonderful place for your wedding. have a look at the Team CSA April 2010 thread to meet some great folks that will be there when you are.


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    Congrats on your wedding, you will most likely be reciting your vows as our group is arriving in the lobby, we will be there 17th through 24th, 4 of us from Maryland and four of us from Pennsylvania

    see you soon Mon!

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    Congratulations on your wedding. You're going to love it and have a memorable wedding. You might check in with Tom & Dorothy on the Team CSA April 2010 thread to get on their "list" of those that will be there when you are. It's a good way to start getting to know people before you arrive.
    Unfortunately we'll be flying home on the day of your wedding.

    Bart & Bug

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