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Thread: 9/6-9/13

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    Counting down the minutes until we are back on our island. Is anyone going to be there next week?

    - Allison and Tony (NYC)

    P.S: Anyone know the weather? Looks like rain, but is it quick storms or all day events?

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    There will be quite of few of us. I have checked the weather for many years before departure and it always says rain. We have been very fortunate with little rain at that time for many years. I hope I did not jinx it! Looking forward to meeting you both and introducing you the wonderful friends we have made of the years that return.

    Paul & Debbie (NJ)

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    We will be in CTI and on the island the same time as you are, 9/6 to 9/13. We can't wait, only 3 more sleeps!

    Rain will be quick off and on from the looks of it.
    Joe & Erin
    Couples 2011 - CTI 4/16-4/23, CSS 4/23-5/1
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    Couples 2014 - CTI 9/6-9/13, CSA 9/13-9/20

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    Will be at CSS next week! (9/10-9/19) Can't wait to get away from the heat, its hot here in AZ!

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