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    Default salt water and wedding dress

    hey guys- I have a question. I have no interest in ruining my dress and since I am having a reception when I get back I am planning on wearing it again. I am wondering though if during the course of picture taking if a some sea water gets on the dress if it will affect the fabric and ruin it?

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    I am wondering the same thing
    ~ Danielle & Corey ~

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    As a photographer who primarily photographs weddings, my advice is to enjoy the day and get great photos - don't worry about getting a bit of dirt or a bit of water on it while in the process of photo taking. You may not want to go for a swim in the ocean with it, but a bit of water at the bottom shouldn't be a disaster.

    If you have time between when you get married and when you have the after-party, you could get the dress professionally cleaned - I've seen cleaners do absolutely amazing things with dresses.

    But, in the end, I would say that in the majority of cases, unless the whole dress gets filthy (I mean super FILTHY), it won't show in photos and no one will notice.

    Have fun, relax, and get great photos of the two of you together during your wedding day - they will be the images that you treasure for the rest of your life.

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    Yes, I too struggled with this same question last year. I too am a wedding photographer and used Stacey Clarke to photograph our wedding. We trashed the dress jumped into the shower afterwards and the dress looks like it just came from the store. Relax and enjoy, no problem mon!!!

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    Thank you both. I will not worry then!!!

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    I was married at CSA in Sept and i did "trash" my dress for my photos. It was fun and afterwards i soaked my dress in a tub of cold water for a few hours, laid it out to dry for the last few days there and it was just like new. No damage at all. I have before and after pictures if you would like to see shoot me an email @ Have fun and remember it's Jamaica so "No worries Mon!"

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    This is from my TTD session at CSS on 11/3 and all we did was rinse the dress out in the shower, hang it on the patio overnight and it's good as new. It was actually completely dry the next day. And it's a huge dress. The only problem I had was getting out of the water with 40 pounds of soaking wet fabric to compete with!

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