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    Default Not sure I've ever seen this dining question

    And that question is can you have your entree at one restaurant, then saunter over to another and have dessert there?

    This may have indeed been asked in the past, but I don't recall seeing it, so my bad if this is a repeat. And of course I already know this does not apply to the restaurants where reservations are required - well at least as far as being the 2nd place as posed in the question, that is.

    FYI, this is more of a curiosity question than anything. Not saying if Couples allows this we'd be jumping back & forth place every night, but who knows? Maybe on a given night dessert at another establishment is more appealing than where we're having dinner.

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    I think it would be no problem if one restaurant you had to have a reservation at and the other restaurant was one that you just showed up.
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    We did a private beach dinner one night and had reservations for Feathers afterwards. Feel free to eat as much as you want wherever you want. We went to LemonGrass one night and ordered 5 entrees!

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    No problem. We've doe it! Actually one ofd got an entre at the buffet and the carried it over to the beach grill and ordered the other entre. Back to the first for one desert and back to the second for some more desert.
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    We definitely hopped around and saw other people doing the same.

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    I had Tommy and Peggy laughing so hard, although this was lunch, we would go to the buffet, then the beach grill, the joke became, "Are we going here then there, or there and then here". If reservations are not required this should not be a problem.

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    How cool, it turns out to be a little more common than I would have thought. Thanks as always for the great feedback gang.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Last year we started at Lychee with appetizers and then moved on the the entree elsewhere. We then ordered desert and a drink and took it back to our room.
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    No problems with doing those "progressive meals." Just remember that even though you can take as much as you want, do as our moms taught us and take only what you can eat...there's something really wasteful about taking an overabundance of food "just because you can...."But if you can really eat 5 entrees in one sitting, then go for it I guess. I know the CSA gift shop stocks up on Alka Seltzer....

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    This reminds me of the first Lord of the Rings movie where one of the hobbits complain about being hungry. Aragorn responds, "You had breakfast", and the hobbit answered, "But what about Second Breakfast?"

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