In honor of our 30 days until we see CN again, I thought I'd start a thread that's always fun!!

If you were building a new Couples, but could only take areas from the existing four, what would you use? For me it would be:

First get off the bus and look through the lobby "wow" view - CTI
Ambiance (old Hollywood feel) - COR
Piano bar - COR
Ultimate Chocolate - CSA
House band with awesome reggae singer (as of 2006) - CN
Martini bar - CSA
Massage huts - CSS
Wedding gazebo - CSS
Private dinner location - wedding gazebo CSS
Balcony view - CTI
Balcony privacy - G block CSS
Sunrise - CTI
Sunset - CN/CSA
Beach length/walkability - CSA
Beach depth - CN
Beach privacy - CSS/CTI (mainly no jet skis)
Strolling beach musicians - CN/CSA
Ocean calmness (for maximum floatie enjoyment) - CN/CSA
Cool inlets to kayak in - CN
Places to explore - CSS
Ability to burn beverage calories without actually exercising - stairs CSS
French press coffee - Feathers CSA
Sea Grapes's zucchini cakes and sweet potato chips - CSA
Breakfast restaurant - any that serve bacon!!!

And your resort would have...?