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    Default Dunns River Falls - water shoes?

    Was just reading the posts about Dunns River Falls and bringing water shoes. We don't have water shoes and was just wondering if you can "rent" them there and if so, the cost?

    Thanks for the help!

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    You can rent them or purchase them at the resort. I would purchase them before you leave, they are only $10 or so. It will cost you the same if your rent them.
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    I haven't been to Dunns River Falls but I have been to many other places and I've never seen rental water shoes. They are very inexpensive, about $20.00 at Costco. In fact, they are so inexpensive that we left ours at the last resort we stayed at because they had been used enough that they didn't smell so great and we will buy a new pair for our next trip.

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    Check your local WalMart as they usually have them on sale. Cost is usually under $10.00 a pair.

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    **sigh** Inflation. I got mine back in the 90's (still fit and in very good shape) for $5.

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    Keep your eye out at Walmart. We got some about this time last year on clearance for 99 cents.
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    Like all others have said, "Check Wal-Mart" Wouldn't want to rent shoes....ewwww LOL

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    We got ours last year at Walmart for little or nothing. And we live in Wisconsin.

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    I got a great pair of water shoes from
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    We wore old tennis shoes and then let them dry before we came back. I felt more secure with an actual shoe than those water socks you see. You definitely can rent them there, though.

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