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Thread: Thank you!!!!!!

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    Default Thank you!!!!!!

    I want to thank those of you that mentioned "timeleft" in other postings, I found a new way to drive my hubby crazy until we leave and get there. exactly at this moment our estimated arrival time for the resort is 164 days 19 hours and 55 minute. HEHE love this.

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    LOL...I drive both my wife and coworkers crazy with it. I can't pass one woman's desk without giving her the update. Actually, I just shouted it at her a few minutes ago as she walked past my door.

    28 Days 18 Hours 47 minutes 30 seconds until our plane lands at MBJ.

    Only 4 more Fridays left!!! WOO HOO!!!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I know what you mean, 4 more Sundays from this one coming up Very Very excited. Dec.th6th-13th. See you CSA in a few weeks.

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    me too, needbluewater. i take every opportunity for coworkers, contractors, family, whatever. 4 weeks from tonight i will be enjoying lobster at CN. i don't even mind the wait. the anticipation is half the fun. but still-counting every second!

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    I feel so much better now that I now I am not alone in my sickness. LOL!!!!
    7 months 5hrs 20 min. till we are swept away.

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    Default Very hard for me to wait

    49 days, 18 hours, 30 minutes...I am already partially packed. When I wake up, my luggage is on the floor by my bed! I give my boyfriend the new countdown every Saturday!

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    124 hr until we leave for CSA, or 5 days 12 hr. I will be eating lobster next Saturday night!!!

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    It was great to do the "time left" count!! Now we will have to think of another trip! It has been 20 days, 15 hours, and 28 minutes since our plane left for MBJ. This back to reality stuff stinks!

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