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    Default Weather in November

    We're planning on going to CN in mid November of this year. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in November? Thank you!!!

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    The weather in Jamaica varies little throughout the year. The only thing that really varies is the hurricane risk and you will be catching the tail end of the hurricane season. Our anniversary is in November and we've gone every year since 1995 and only hit one year where a hurricane was nearby, it turned south overnight one night and we ended up with clear skies after a couple of days of heavy rain. You will have great weather so plan to catch a good tan!

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    Thank you. We're getting married in Nov. and wanted to make sure we picked the right place to get married. We definately won't hesitate booking our trip now. Thank you again for your reply

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    November is a great month to get married, you can honeymoon in Jamaica and return every year for your anniversary when it's cold and blustery back home. Not that I'd turn down a trip to Jamaica any time of year but something about leaving with it freezing cold or snowing just makes it all the better. Congrats on your wedding and have a great time!

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    We were at CN from 11/15-11/23 last year. We had always traveled to Jamaica in the summer before so we were not used to the weather. We had a very windy and cool week. The water was rough and the floats that rope off the swimming area in the water were pushed up on to the beach due to the waves. We had never seen anything like it before. The employees said it was a cold front that often comes in the fall that caused the cool weather. There was even one day that the wind was blowing the sand so much that most people left the beach. Even with the cool weather we had a great time!!

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    We were at CSA last year from 11/21 to 11/29. We thought the weather was fine the whole time. Mostly sunny and warm. There were a couple of rains but they last only about half hour and are usually in the afternoon. The daily temperatures were generally in the middle 80's. We have been there twice and loved it so much we are going back at the end of November this year.

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    Is it hot enough to get a tan?

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    This is info I was looking for. Thanks

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    We're looking forward to the great November weather. We'll be at CTI in 19 days!
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    My DH and I were married in November and honeymooned in Jamaica a few years back. We had perfect weather the entire time and are looking forward to going back to celebrate the big 15 this year. I anticipate the weather to be the same and to go home with a golden tan. Even if it did rain here and there...just gives us a good reason to go back to the room for some "Afternoon Snuggling". Can't wait!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Lee View Post
    Is it hot enough to get a tan?

    Heat has nothing to do with getting a tan. But yeah it is plenty hot enough to lay out and cook yourself.

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