I always love reading what led folks to choosing one (or more) Couples resorts for their first trip. Of course it's a credit to management and staff from all four resorts that no single one seems to overly dominate.

But something in particular made you choose one or perhaps two resorts for your first time, the latter being the case for us. So what was it. Why did that particular resort "call out" to you?

For me and Rosa, it was an interesting evolution of choices, as we ended up choosing CTI and CN for our Jamaica debut. We went with two because, while we fully anticipate a memorable vacation, even if it turns out to be better than anything we could imagine, there still may not be a return trip in the cards for years to come, if at all. As much as we love all our vacations and destinations we visit, we rarely repeat ourselves, mainly because there's so much of this doggone world we have yet to visit. So keeping this in mind and wanting to experience Ocho Rios and Negril, we decided to go for both.

I said it was an interesting evolution in our choices, as intially we were considering CSS for Ocho and CSA for Negril, altho that point we were still thinking it was going to be one or the other and not splitting our time. Early on Ocho won out because we felt there was more to do there. Negril's huge draw, it's infamous beaches, were a positive, but not as dominant as the activities scene out of Ocho. And so we leaned toward CSS.

But something kept tapping us on the shoulder, and it was CTI doing the tapping. The $30m refurbishment, the art deco/post moderne architectual homage to the Hollywood of a bygone era, the biggest list of no-cost activities of the four resorts....all kept sticking out for us. I realized what by then I had been reading on the message boards. CTI was calling out to us. And so it became our choice.

However, Negril remained an itch that Rosa in particular continued to scratch. She kept reminding me that we may only get one shot at Jamaica (hopefully not, but one never knows), so why not go for it and book Negril as well was her line of thinking. We couldn't go for a two full weeks and CTI was already going to be the recipient of one week, so that we could qualify for the $500 credit. Like CTI, CN also kept tapping us on the shoulder. I think what sold us on that vs CSA (because in here it's always been about 50/50), was the fact that several travel sites, starting with TA, all ranked CN ahead of CSA. Right or wrong, that was probably the issue that tipped the scales for us. And so CN became resort #2 for a 4 night stay.

Now it's your turn, what drew you to that first resort?