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Thread: CSS Map?

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    Default CSS Map?

    Is this classified information? I am not able to find a map of the grounds of CSS *anywhere*.

    I read that building D is nice for this type of room, or that building E is nice for that type. Where are these building blocks located on the property?



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    I found this map in a file marked "CLASSIFIED" "TOP SECRET" "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" I hope it doesn't fall into enemy hands.
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    Just click the tab at the very top of this page that says COUPLES SANS SOUCI, then go to the left side bar ( 2nd one down) and hit "Maps & panoramic views". it will show you the grounds and each room type
    hope this helps

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    RDYJMJM thanks for the map! This is what I was looking for...

    Molly229 thanks for pointing out that map. I had seen it before, and really could not make out what the building block labels were...

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