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    Default Just returned from CSS...a few observations

    We just returned from a (glorious) week at CSS; I don’t post much, but I have received so much information here, that I wanted to share a few observations.

    1. New Customs/Immigration forms for entrance into Jamaica: One PER PERSON, not per family. Airline stewards gave out one per family, but because I had access to information here, I knew to insist on an extra. Others in our group had to stop and fill out another after arrival into Sangsters.

    2. Club MoBay is the bomb! From experience, I can tell you from the length of the customs/immigration line upon arrival on a Saturday early afternoon, we saved 2+ hours by going with Club MoBay. Less than 30 minutes from getting off the plane to heading across the island to San Souci.

    3. I purchased my rum cream at the supermarket across the parking lot from the local craft market in Ocho Rios. However, the Duty Free store at the airport had plenty.

    4. We re-entered the US at Miami. The Customs kiosks there are wonderful; no need to fill out the form on the plane, and I felt the lines moved much quicker.

    5. We loved CSS! Having been to CN previously, we were almost sure that we would spend our days comparing, and thought CN would come out on top…WRONG! Although the beach is better on the Negril side, we thought the tropical splendor that is San Souci was worth the trade-off.

    6. Yes, there are stairs. A lot of them. A good excuse to order that last Dirty Banana, because the walk back to your room will burn the calories right off.

    7. And about those Dirty Bananas…they still rock!

    Any questions, just ask!

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    Thank you SO much for letting us know it's still glorious! We're looking forward to our trip back next year.. 311 days 17 hours 37 minutes... but who's counting!

    CN 2009, 2014
    CSS 2013, 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by benandmiranda View Post
    Thank you SO much for letting us know it's still glorious! We're looking forward to our trip back next year.. 311 days 17 hours 37 minutes... but who's counting!

    CN 2009, 2014
    CSS 2013, 2016
    I'm counting and I have you beat! Lol! 287 days 12 hours 3 minutes!

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    150 days for us. Our first experience was CN last year and our second will be CSS as well. Looking forward to a week in Paradise.

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    We did Club MoBay our last visit. Our plane was delayed and the normal lines beat the MoBay line through Immigration on a Saturday afternoon. You never know.
    Life is good

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    Where was the rum cheaper at the supermarket?

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    JUST the post I was looking for! Thank you for sharing your experience. My hubby and I were first timers to Couples & Jamaica a year ago in May. We spent a week at CSA. We LOVED Jamaica and it's people but we wanted to give the "other side' of the island a chance too. We have decided (though have not booked) CSS for May 2016. We spent so much time floating in and staring at the most beautiful water (Negril side) - that we worry about how we'll feel about the CSS beach. I have heard the intimacy and small resort feel will be amazing (and that's what we're after) - no public beach, no noisy water craft, etc). I just want it to be as special. And Hey, we can always go back to Negril if we feel that's where we belong. If there are any MUST DO's at CSS< please share. We're also taking another couple w/ us this year! thanks again!!

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    Here are a few of our "must do's" while in Ocho Rios.

    1. Dunn's River is a lot of fun, but be sure to wear aqua-shoes or bring a "sacrificial" pair of sneakers.
    2. If you like jerk chicken or jerk pork, you have to go to Scotchie's. It's only about a 15 minute ride for the resort and the best jerk around.
    3. Make sure you spend some time time at Sunset Beach. Don't wait until the end of your vacation to try it out. If you do wait, you'll regret it.
    4. While at CSS, take out a Hobie Cat and have Derron as your Captain. He will serenade the two of you while you sail the Caribbean!!
    5. Make sure to do a "Trading Places" to Tower Isle. It's less than a 10 minute ride from CSS. You can check out the resort from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. While you're at CTI, be sure to check out "The Island".

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    If you do Dunn's, make sure you schedule on a day when no cruise ships are in port. If you want something less touristy and like to cliff jump, try the blue hole, it was fantastic. A must do at CSS is a couples massage in the huts on the cliff. And an authentic beach restaurant would be Dave's Lobster Shack. The lobster and fish were delicious.

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