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    Default School Supplies (again) & One Love Bus Tour

    I've searched the board and have found some old threads on these subjects, but I had two questions regarding school supplies.

    1. We will be at CSA and plan to take some pencils, erasers, etc. I assume that we can still drop those off at Guest Services and that they will get to the school(s). Please let me know if that is not correct.

    2. We're going on the One Love Bus tour with Lenbert, and in reading several reviews, it sounds like there is a decent chance that there will be some kids looking for money, etc. at one or more of the stops. I don't really want to hand out cash, and know that my wife isn't going to want to try on a new bracelet from every kid we see, so I was thinking of taking along something like a box of colored pencils and handing them out to the kids we see. I'm wondering if this is a good choice for a small trinket to hand out (as opposed to, say, a bag of candy), and if doing so is a good idea (i.e., will the kids welcome the pencils, will it just mean we are hounded more for handouts, etc.)

    Thanks in advance for any input. -- Rick

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    We dropped off our school supplies at the concierge desk and they were more than happy to accept.

    For the Pub Crawl we brought a small back pack filled with all kinds of dollar store items and candy. Had we not gone to Shanty Town we would have brought a whole bunch of stuff home because we only saw maybe one child at any of the other stops. Other than the candy the things that seemed to go over well were small rubber balls, jump ropes, hair items (ties, barrettes...) small cars (matchbox sized).

    One Love Brad & Carla
    CSA 2012, 2014, 2015?

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    Thanks. We'll take the school supplies and may pick up some rubber balls, etc. as well.

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