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    Default Oops to "Ownership" post

    I suppose it would help to actually attach the image :-/
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    Looks like it could be Tensing Pen. I"ve stayed there in the past and have some pictures that look like they could match your drawing..
    I could be wrong though, since a lot of the cliff properties look similar from the water. Tensing Pen is the third property east of Ricks.
    Oh, I dont want to forget to mention that I love your drawing! Have you done any others of Negril?

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    I don't know the name of the place, but I must say that this is better than a fair rendering.... Outstanding is more like it... well done!!!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thank you for the info. I have written Tensing Pen and am waiting for a reply.

    And, no, I sadly have no other works of Negril, however I would love to do a series. I got tired of all the art from there being of the beach, palm trees, beach chairs and sunsets. Nothing against that venue, but there is sooooo much more. As the consummate starving artist and salesman, I am open to commissions

    (Flying Dutchman)

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    I'll lay odds on the property being The Caves...especially if the two story building on the far left was painted in shades of soft blue. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain the little cave opening on the left hand side is either the cave for private dining or the cigar/martini bar area.

    If only there was a money tree in my yard along with the mango and ackee tree, I could treat myself to a stay there and verify the property in person for you.

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    The more I look at the picture the more I think Road Gypsy may be right that its The Caves. I originally didn't think of the Caves because The Caves are past Ricks so I figured that was further west and you said the property was east of Ricks . I"m going to try to post a pic of that part of The Caves, haven't tried to post a picture yet on this new board so I hope it posts ok.
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    I cannot deny having a complimentary Red Strip or two on the sunset Cat ride from CSA, so my relative reference to Rick's could be off. Pretty sure it was in Jamaica though
    Either way, it's fun trying to figure it out. Thanks folks.

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    Yeah, the others ARE right..I just Googled the Caves in Negril:

    Same thing as in your picture.

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