The impact that Couples has had in each of our lives is a lot more than meets the eye. It’s a given that we all love our resort of choice. The love and passion that we feel for that resort is quite obvious to all.
We have a great time when we are there. We come home and have all the pictures and souvenirs, marvelous memories and, hopefully, we can do it all over again another time.

But the good times are not over. There is still more that we can garner from those precious days. Long after we have washed the last remnants of our vacation garb and have settled back into what we call our “life”, the joyful, uninhibited, spontaneous feelings that we felt while we were “home”, were due in part to the sharing that took place while we were all there.

We shared time with each other on the beach. We talked to some of our neighbors. We shared stories of “this or that”. We laughed a lot. Especially with other people.

We shared the same space while at meals. We talked to some of our neighbors. Talked about how wonderful the vacation is, how beautiful the resort is. We shared similar feelings. We knew just how they felt, cause that’s just the way we felt too.

We all loved the steel band, Dunn’s River, Horseback riding, Zip lining, and so much more. Not the least of which was the staff. Our feelings are unified as to how great this person was, what that person did. How they all made us feel so special. They made quite an indelible impression on just about every single one of us.

I know that the young visionary, Abe Issa, would be very pleased with how his dream turned out. He not only had an idea to build a resort on the “wrong” side of the island at that time, but he had no previous experience in running a resort. But his most inspiring desire was to have the guests that visit his oasis be made to feel more like “family” rather than just another guest, another number. That sir, is what has made your dream such an incredible reality. All couples, fist time or long time, feel the warmth and compassion and sincerity from every staff person we encounter. And we are all welcomed into this Couple family. I’m not sure any of us knew how close this family can be.

And when each of us get home, we begin to “share” our feelings and our thoughts about the pretty overwhelming trip we all just had. We are on the mb and fb. And the congeniality, openness, and compassion that is shown on post after post is extremely heartwarming. Especially in this 21st century where I feel that humans have lost touch with reality.

I know that when each of us are there, we may meet people from the next town over from you, that has happened, or from around the world. All of us from different backgrounds, beliefs, understandings, and many of the things that often get in our way of really knowing the person inside the façade.

When we are there, we get beneath the part that we play in “life” and we find out that that couple is very much like this couple is very much like the other couple is very much like us. And so on and so on. We let our guard down a bit. We relax our almost always tensed stressed out body. And lo and behold, we find out that we are so freaking much the same. Situations with kids, money, family, money, work, health, money. We are all struggling to “just get along”. And to be able to get by every month without sweating out a cut off notice or a slew of long overdue bills.

Couples showed us all how to relax. And by doing so, we were able to see the plethora of similarities between all of us, and a lot less of the dastardly differences. And we “shared”. With other couples, with staff and most importantly with each other.

But the “sharing” and caring extends far beyond the reach of that tiny island nation.

On the Couples website, most of the topics discussed are, understandably so, related to all things Couples.
However, there is a fair amount of warmth, compassion, understanding, outreach and more wonderful human talents attached to the comments. We are able to display our emotions too. If a couple has a problem that they write about, there are any number of people who will respond with help, information or whatever it is they can contribute. These are the things that bind a family together. Sharing.

On fb we have a lot more latitude as to what we can discuss. There are a number of groups for all four resorts and we all share our experiences and thoughts and more. But with this social media, we go way beyond the shores of the sandy beaches.

Here, we share “real life”. Not to be confused with “life”. That’s just a game. No with this “real life” stuff, we get down to the nitty gritty.

Not that many years ago, many of us were struck with Lisa Slonecker’s first post concerning her youngest daughter Jana. The sickness, the treatments, the setbacks, the pain that the entire family experienced and Lisa still found time to so eloquently scribe each harrowing day and night. And every day, we eagerly looked for her post. Happy to say there was a very happy ending to that chapter. And we were there from the beginning to the end. Lending moral support. Sending prayers and love and positive thoughts. Showing compassion for people that most of us did not know.

Now there are others that are having their share of crapiness and we have reached out once again. Offering hope and prayer, sharing a story and a smile. Letting them know that they are not alone. Their family is here for them. We keep their spirits up. Offering friendship unselfishly. Their struggle is our struggle.

And all of this humanity stems from the same blossom. One tiny seed planted so many years ago in the fertile mind of a dreamer and a planner. “Make them feel like family”. And not only did the original idea become a huge success, the “Couples family” is strong and powerful and united. Should anyone, from anywhere, express a need or desire or be looking for help with whatever, there is an immediate outpouring of information and support. Your problem is my problem.

My fellow Couples lovers. Sharing is a wonderful thing. You can learn something, understand something, change something, discover something. It’s a powerful feeling. To know that simply because you took the time to respond to someone you have never met, that individual may have found just the answer they were looking for. They may have heard the words that made them smile. It could be the whisper of hope they have been waiting for.

This insane electronic conveyance of words and pictures, is really more than my mind can comprehend. What I do understand is that we are the same when it comes to pain and suffering. No one likes it. It happens to good people and bad. No one is immune to tragedy. And simply because we booked a vacation at a Couples resort, we became part of something much larger than our love of Couples. We also show our love of each other. And while words may seem inadequate to ease the suffering of someone far away, the fact that the words are coming from a friend can mean so much.

We never know when the next phone call will come. In the meantime, try to take better care of yourselves. Loose some weight. Eat better foods. SEE YOUR DOCTOR ON A REGULAR BASIS. And if you ever need to talk or you just want someone to listen, if you need a ride somewhere or some advice, post a note. A bunch of kind, sympathetic understanding people will respond. That’s the way it should be.