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    Default CTI vs CSS

    What are some Key differences between the two??

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    - CTI is more compact - kind of a high-rise resort on a smaller property while CSS is more spread out with many stairs/places to explore.
    - CTI has more included excursions (horseback riding/catamaran cruise).
    - CTI's AN area is on an island while CSS's is a separate beach.
    - CSS has 3 dinner restaurants and CTI has 4
    Here's some pictures of both so you can see some of the differances:
    CTI: and CSS:
    Hope this helps...

    Bart & Bug

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    CTI, better night life and more restaurant choices Dance floor where the band plays and separate piano bar. You can tell where our heart lies, but CSS is nice also, just in a different way. Also CTI is like new after the 30 million dollar facelift and the spa wins hands down.

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    CTI all new
    Beaches are about equal
    Room Service only CSS
    Lots of walking and stairs - CSS
    Best AN area - CTI IMO
    Irie Mon

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