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    Default Married at CTI 10/24/09

    Hi Everyone,

    You were all so helpful when I was looking for info so I promised myself I would return the favor. Any questions feel free to ask. I was married at CTI on the beach 10/24/09/ and it was beautiful. Please email me at TAZZY817@aol for questions

    Lisa : )

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    Default Re

    Please share photos!


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    Hey Lisa

    Steph and I are getting married on November 13.....she is wondering about the was it you you guys.....what time did you do it.....we are booked for 4 p.m......hearing alot about tipping....what can you tell us!!!


    Steph and Peter

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    Default Details!

    Congrats! We are getting married at CTI in Feb 2010. I would love to see you photos. Only 104 days!

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    We are planning on getting married August 2010 Please post some pictures

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