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    Default CSS October 2010

    Just wondering if anyone will be joining us for our trip in October 2010. This will be mine and my Fiance's first time to Jamaica and we will be on our honeymoon.

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    We will be celebrating our one year anniversary October 2-9. We are looking forward to be in Jamaica.

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    We will just miss you. We will be there from the 10th to the 17th celebrating our honeymoon. We get married on the 9th.

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    We're getting married on the 9th too! I'm so excited to get married and then go to CSS - we'll be there from the 11th-18th (we need time to wind down, pack, and say good bye to our furbabies!). He's more caught up in the here-and-now, but he does like to look at all the pictures I find. He is secretly brimming with excitement - he is definitely excited to tan nekkid.

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    My husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary for our first time at Couples!!(the 16th-24th) We cant wait either! You will find us on the mainbeach and the pool bar...with our clothes on!! (Just nekkid at the Hibiscus Cottage!) Happy planning your weddings!!

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    I'm curious - for everyone going, how many times have you been to a couples, CSS, and Jamaica.

    It's our first, which makes it a different kind of unbearable excitement, I'm sure.

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    This will be our first time and we are soo excited.

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    This we be our second time with Couples and first time at San Souci. We stayed at Tower Isle. We had a great time.

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    Its our first time in Jamaica. So we are new to the Couples family. Im trying not to be toooooo excited, but it's hard. I think I will start an official count down "with numbers" on Jan. 1st, 2010 at 12:01 a.m. I love the message board it is so great for newbies!! TTYL!!

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    Default Ansmith312

    Hello Alexis,

    Tracy and I will not be at Couples in October but your post caught my attention.
    We are scheduled to be at Sans Souci in February 2010 to renew our vows in celebration of our 10th anniversary.
    We were married in Jamaica at Grand Lido Negril in May of 2000 and return every year.
    Oh by the way... we too are also from York PA - small world!


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    Congrats on the 10 year anniversary. It is a small world that we live in the same town. February 2010 will be here before you know it. Have fun and remember to post pics. What type of room are you staying in?

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    We have booked the one bedroom beachfront suite. During our past trips to JA we usually book a beachfront room. It is very relaxing to have room service for breakfast and be able to sit on the patio and enjoy the beach in the morning. We really enjoy going to JA considering the daily direct flight out of BWI. Have you booked your travel arrangements and flights yet? If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask - we don't claim to be experts but we have been to JA about 10 times now! Don't forget to bring rum cream home from JA since you can't purchase it here in PA.


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    My Wife and I are going to be at CSS October 17 - 24 for our first anniversary. We went to CSA last year for our honeymoon and loved it! We invited 2 other couples to come along with us. I like to play golf, so if anybody is going to be there that likes to play, your welcome to join. Anybody know if there is a catamaran cruise that you can pay to go on near by since they don't offer it at CSS? We had a great time doing that at CSA!

    Let me know if you are going to be there at the same time!

    Fayetteville, AR

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    Default Getting Married in October!! 10.23.10

    Hi. My finace and I will be at Couples Sans Souci October 20-30 of this year. We will be getting married on the beach on the 23rd at 11am.

    We have been before in 2007 so this will be our second time.

    But I think I may have y'all beat on the excitement part (considering I am waiting for my wedding and all)!! I am way too excited!! I really CANNOT wait! I wish it was October already!!

    For all of you guys (and girls--don't mean to be politcally incorrect) who have never been to Sans Souci before...y'all will definitely love it. It is so awesome. It's realaxing, fun, and romantic. Sans Souci really does feel like you are on your own private resort or island at times. It's undescribable how great this place makes you feel!

    See you all in October! Good luck with the excitement and waiting!! Hope it comes soon!!

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    DJ, We will be there starting Oct.29!! Can't wait! We are Couples virgins... Maybe we can have a Red Stripe together!!

    Enjoy your stay,
    Mike & Lisa

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    Is there anyone who has been to Jamaica previously in October and can shed some light on what the weather and resort capacity is like? I am concerned about hurricanes, rain fall, and it being crowded. Can anyone offer any insight?

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    Default weather in jamaica

    The weather in October is going to be around 85 degrees and very humid. It usually rains for a bout 30 minutes around 4 oclock. Hope this helps you.


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    We just booked our next trip Home!! We are so exited. My husband and I were in CSS for the first time in Oct 2009. We loved it, and would not change a thing. Except this time, we are staying longer. Booked for 10 days this time instead of 7 super excited!!!

    Also, friends of ours that we met on the board last year before all heading off to CSS at the same time, and hanging out together at CSS for most of our trip. WIll all so be retuning around the same dates as us. SO a little reunion is going on.

    We will be at CSS from Oct 14 to 24th. Cant wait, and the count down will already begin now. so looks like about 34 weeks!! Almost The same gestation as carrying a baby! haha.

    Well we are from Canada. Edmonton, Alberta. So it is always nice to get away from any cold weather in October.

    I am attaching a picture as well of my husband and I from our CSS 2009 trip. Also a picture form one of our favorite places as CSS.... Big Shout out to Ms. Francine!! Hoping your still mixing a mean dirty banana when we get there in Oct 2010.

    Looking forward to chatting with you all and confirming the dates everyone is going. That way we can start to pile together an ongoing list every week of who is going what dates and when.

    OOOHHHH, So excited!
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Amanda & Chris
    Edmonton, AB

    "Were Coming HOME with our Jamaican Crew Oct 12, 2011"

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    Booked for Oct 23-31....but first we have to go to CN in 49 days...then we can come home and get excited all over again for October. We have so many events in 2011 - we know we won't be able to get away - so we decided to take two trips this year...YEAH!!!!!

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    We will be there for our weddingmoon Oct3-Oct11 and it cant come soon enough!

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    We arrive from Tower Isles on the 19 Oct for a week before heading back to the UK.

    Maybe we'll see some of you....

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    Howdy to you other CSSers! We will be there for the 3rd time, October 16-23. Can't wait. Mikel - did I read correctly...y'all will have the Hibiscus cottage? If so - WAY TO GO!! We've never booked the cottage and have thought about it each time. I'm sure we'll meet up with y'all at some point during the trip. You'll have to let us know what you think of it. The outdoor hottub at the cottage is amazing! Talk about a spectacular view.

    Congrats to all of you soon-to-be newlyweds/honeymooners! You couldn't have picked a better location.

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    My fiance (soon to be Wife October 3rd) and I will be arriving October 16th and leaving on the 25th. First timers in Jamaica as well as a Couples resort. Very excited to get there.

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    We are planning to be there the 1st through the 9th for our honeymoon. Crossing our fingers that next Wednesday's deal is a free day at CSS, or free massage or something at CSS. I think it's CSS's turn in the rotation...and the LAST day to book for the discount. We are SOOOO excited!

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    Ok, no Wednesday deal WE'RE BOOKED! We'll be at CSS for our honeymoon, hopefully in Block D, from Friday October 1 through Friday October 8. We were hoping to come back on the 9th, but another $300+ just made us feel a little queasy. We were SO hoping for a Wednesday deal to get us an extra day
    Is it too early to start my countdown??? 184 Days!!!!!

    I had this great idea....if someone were willing to take some nice pictures of us (posed photos), we would return the favor. Much better than hiring a professional photographer, right???

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