I'm sitting here addicted once again to this board, just under 6 months to go until our next trip, and I am finding this one to be the worst wait yet. Could it be the state of our economy, all the uncertainties in our lives these days? Couples is a familiarity for us that offers such comfort.

I remember posting after my first trip, Is the anticipation greater as a newbie not knowing what to expect, or worse as a repeater knowing what to expect? (kind of like asking a pregnant woman which is worse knowing or not knowing...lol) Here I find myself going on trip number four, and the anticipation is just about to make me nuts!!!

So tell me, how long until your next trip and how many times do you think of Couples each day? How is your anticipation level and what do you do to control it? I'm thinking we may need to develop a 12 step program soon....lol