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    I'm not sure there are true words to describe how wonderful our trip was. We went to CSA for our honeymoon and stayed in the Greart House Verandah Suite. I'll keep my review as short as possible but it's hard to limit yourself when you have OFFICIALLY founds paradise!

    When we laned in MoBay, we got our luggage, made our way through customs or immigration or whatever that was, and found the Couples Lounge. Let me say that the very first time I was thankful we picked CSA over a Shoe Resort was at the airport. Their lounge was crowded, people were literally spilling out, and it just looked like mass chaos. We made our way to the peaceful, relaxing Couples lounge where we checked in. Our bags were quickly put in the Swept Away line and we enjoyed a bathroom break and Red Stripe. When we made our way to the bus, we were greeted by our driver, Eveready (like the bunny)! I am a loyal MB reader so I was expecting a rough ride but I was pleasantly surprised. Eveready pointed out things along the way and played Bob Marley for us. Besides being on the other side of the road, the trip was fine. I actually fell asleep for like the last 35 minutes or so!! Relax, you are in Jamaica mon and this is certainly not their first time driving on their roads!!!

    When we got to CSA, we were welcomed home! The men stayed out front and identified the luggage while the women were brought into the lounge to begin the check in process. We got a cool cloth and glass of champagne. The check in process went smoothly. We were the only couple out of at least 10 couples whose room was not ready. No problem, mon! So we explored, went to the Palms for a quick lunch, and went back to get our room key. We were delighted with the room and thought we had a lot of privacy on the verandah! In no time we were sitting at the pool bar learning which drinks would become our favorites!

    Overall, the food was wonderful and you couldn't ask for better service. Seriously. We were always greeted with smiles and an eagerness to serve us and make us happy. There is no place like that in the United States! The staff is one of the main reasons why we will be back to CSA!

    We went on the cat cruise and loved it. That is a must-do! And you have to jump off and swim in the caves! That may have been the highlight of the trip.

    We rented jet skis from Elivs twice in 6 days and just loved them! And we spent a lot of time on the beach. We were going to go off property and take some tours but the water was so clear and captivating it was hard to stray far from it!

    I was very pleased with the security presence on the resort. At both sides of the beach and throughout the property, we saw security guards walking around. You don't realize their value unti you go off the property and get swarmed with vendors. Most of them went away whe we politely said "no, thank you" but it was just annoying. The security guards were very nice and were there 24 hours a day. That made me feel really safe. If yougo off the property, check in with them so they know you are gone. Nice touch!

    We went and spent three nights with Ultimate Chocolate. What a blast! He is incredibly entertaining and it was a graet way to endthe evenings. We played his version of Name That Tune a few nights and my husband won a bottle of rum on night for being one of the best cobntributors to the boys team! It was just simple fun to sit around the piano, chat with other guests, havea few drinks, and sing some of your favorite tunes!

    We loved the computer room. So many people fussed at me for being on the internet on my honeymoon but I enjoyed getting my coffee in the computer lab, checking on the local news at home, and laughing at how cold it was at home while my hubby got some sleep.

    Wow, is all I have to say. And now I am left sitting at computer at work with my new Bob Marley cd playing and a bunch of new 7 mile beach screen savers I swap between. When I look at them, I feel the sand between my toes again and feel the Jamaican Delight in my hand. I feel as if I am suffering from a slight depression after leaving. My goodness, the sunsets were the best I have ever seen. My husband andI have said over and over that there will never be a tropical vacation that we take that will ever top our experience at Swept Away! I can't imagine having to wait that long before we can go home again!

    If you are considering CSA, don't consider it, book it. You will not be dissapointed!

    No problem, mon!
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