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    Default July 2017

    lets get this started

    Rick & Jan July 2nd - 8th

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    Richie & Fran And Chris & Michelle July 3-10
    Much more couples coming that week, just not sure of all arrival dates. It will be the group listed as CCCB Council

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    Hi Rick and Jan--

    The Captain and his 1st mate will be there 7/3-7/14. Looking forward to reconnecting with all our friends after a 2 year hiatus.

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    Default Here we go again.

    Quote Originally Posted by caribbeanlovers View Post
    lets get this started

    Rick & Jan July 2nd - 8th
    We are returning to CN, 6/28-7/8/2017, and looking forward to it. TonyS & Sharon

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    Hey Captain glad to hear of your return. You were missed! The CNNB Council will be returning also. We will be there 6/28-7/8/17. 177 days and counting!

    The Mayor & 1st Lady Cathy

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    We will be returning to CN 6/29 -7/9/2017. Looking forward to it!
    Sara & Sean

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    We will be returning to CN to celebrate our fifth anniversary July 13-21.

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    We will be returning to CN July 11-19th. Counting down the days
    Dan & Judy

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    We will be going in July
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    We will be in Jamaica the 12th-21st with the 13th-21st at CN. This will be our 3rd visit to CN, can't wait to get home again.

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    July 24 - August 2. Can't wait!

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    Coming back July 12-16th. Kevin & Cody.
    Celebrating our 10th and my 40th birthday. We always meet longtime friends at CN. Looking forward to meeting new ones.

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    We will be there from July 24th to July 30th

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