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    Default July 2017

    lets get this started

    Rick & Jan July 2nd - 8th

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    Richie & Fran And Chris & Michelle July 3-10
    Much more couples coming that week, just not sure of all arrival dates. It will be the group listed as CCCB Council

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    Hi Rick and Jan--

    The Captain and his 1st mate will be there 7/3-7/14. Looking forward to reconnecting with all our friends after a 2 year hiatus.

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    Default Here we go again.

    Quote Originally Posted by caribbeanlovers View Post
    lets get this started

    Rick & Jan July 2nd - 8th
    We are returning to CN, 6/28-7/8/2017, and looking forward to it. TonyS & Sharon

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    Hey Captain glad to hear of your return. You were missed! The CNNB Council will be returning also. We will be there 6/28-7/8/17. 177 days and counting!

    The Mayor & 1st Lady Cathy

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    We will be returning to CN 6/29 -7/9/2017. Looking forward to it!
    Sara & Sean

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    We will be returning to CN to celebrate our fifth anniversary July 13-21.

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    We will be returning to CN July 11-19th. Counting down the days
    Dan & Judy

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    We will be going in July
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    We will be in Jamaica the 12th-21st with the 13th-21st at CN. This will be our 3rd visit to CN, can't wait to get home again.

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    July 24 - August 2. Can't wait!

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    Coming back July 12-16th. Kevin & Cody.
    Celebrating our 10th and my 40th birthday. We always meet longtime friends at CN. Looking forward to meeting new ones.

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    We will be there from July 24th to July 30th

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    Default July 3-10

    First time visiting. We have been married 19 years. We will be there the week of the fourth. Been to Hedo and it was a bit much for my wife. That was about 11 years ago. She hated it. Been trying to get her back to a nude beach ever since. Love being naked in our pool when we had one. We lived in Miami and went to haulover a few times. She's very shy when it comes to public nudity. Was surprised she initiated the trip. Looking to hang out with another couple or two on the nude beach and get some drinks. We are both 43 and in decent shape. is it social on the beach? We are not ones to initiate making friends. Like I said. A little shy.
    Thanks. Looking forward to it.

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    First time to Negril. Been to S Ocho Rios before. Wife and I really excited about the nude beach. Been to Haulover when we lived in Miami. Been to hedo about 11 years ago and she hated it. Surprised wife went along with the trip and is as excited about the beach as I am. We will be there the first week of July. Looking to make friends on the beach and enjoy the sun and drinks. We are both in our early forties and in decent shape. Woukd be great to find similar friends to hang with at the beach and then catch lunch or dinner and some drinks later on. She's not to keen on the swim up bar on the nude side. I'm sure after a couple of drinks she will loosen up. I heard that's more social. Is it social on the beach?

    Thanks and really looking forward to the trip.

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    Welcome Jtom. We will be there around the same time. You will find CN as social as you want it to be. Some people prefer alone time with their special person and some like the social scene. Both are available. This is our 10th year back always around the same time of year. Pretty lively group will be there so feel free to join in. Just look for the floating bar(s) out in the ocean!

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    Sorry for the double post.

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    Just booked our 6th trip to CN, will be there July 16th to 22nd, also bringing 2 others couples that it will be there first trip to Jamaica. The count down is on!!

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    FIRST TIMERS!! Super excited! Please introduce yourselves! We will be at CN July 17 - July 23!!

    My woman & I will have been together a
    5 years by that point. Excited to try out the private beach, etc! See you there!

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    We will be there June 30-July 1st. 4th trip for us. Simply can't wait to get back!

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