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    we have been to CSA three times but never been to CTI and wondering what the horse back riding is like there ? how is it arranged and are the horses good ? i have been around horses my whole life so not trying to sound snobby just wondering ....thanks

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    The horseback riding is a ride through a plantation. The guides are great, showing natural herbs and sharing Jamaican humor and knowledge along the ride. The horses are good and they know the trail. There is a stop part way through the ride with an educational look at local fruits and flowers. You sign up for the ride at the tour desk and transportation is provided from the resort and back. Definitely something to do while at CTI.

    Bart & Bug

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    can they be ridden on the beach or in the water ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by amy41 View Post
    can they be ridden on the beach or in the water ???

    The included trip is on one of two plantations.

    If you want to ride horses in the ocean/beach they do offer this at an extra charge at the tour desk.
    Irie Mon

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    As Jon said the included trip does not include a ride in the ocean. Through the tour desk you can arrange for one that does. We recommend the one through Hooves. It's a blast and something to experience. The ride is reasonably priced (I think $90/person).

    Bart & Bug

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    It's only 4 days until we get to Couples TI. We both are horse people & are so excited to go riding along the mountains. Hooves, it's called. Also, there's a polo trip we're planning at St. Anne's . Looking forward the great people & exclusive, much needed VACATION to CTI.

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