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    Default Exactly 28 days!!! Some questions

    I can't believe I will be enjoying all that I have anticipated for the past few months in just 28 days. I can't wait, but to be honest am a little nervous about the post CSA depression that will set in afterwards. What will I do with my day if I can't spend every hour on the message board looking for answers to my questions or reviews of the resort I chose. UGH!!

    Anyway, the real reason I am posting is because according to what I have read on the November thread, it seems that my DH and I will be the only people coming in to MoBay on Tuesday, 11/24. My question is, is it really possible that we will be the only people on the bus to CSA? Unless there are people who have not yet discovered the message board, it looks like we are the only ones. Don't get me wrong, I am sure it will be a lovely, romantic drive to CSA from the airport with my hubby and we'll meet all of our new friends when we get there. But, I was just curious.
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