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    Default CTI and the World Series????

    I know this is a long shot but we are leaving to CTI on Sunday and am curious as to know if they would play the World Series on their television stations over there. Thanks

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    You get ESPN there

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    I think you can, if I remember correctly they do have FOX.
    Irie Mon

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    You usually pick up some Miami stations on your tv.
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    They pick up Fox on all TV's Fox is broadcasting the series this year.

    ESPN will only have the highlights on Sportcenter

    Go New York

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    Wow, cti and thge world series with my yanks......this is gonna be great!!!! Thanks all

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    Good to know your at least in CTI while your yanks get spanked.

    Good luck in game two, as a Phillies fan I thought the game woulod have been closer too.

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    Well Lee pitched like his life depended on it. Great game. But don't think the Yankees are done yet. Even anybody who is rooting against the yankees know never to count them out. They are known for late inning comebacks!!

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    Lee Pitched like he has against them before and if you remember the season series, we took two of the 3 of those too.

    See the issue for NYC is your expected to win. Philly is the underdog. You lose and your city disownes you as bums. We lose and it is the only team we still celebrate.

    It will be a good season, but Jeter and A-Rod can not be the only weapons you use.

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    Milwaukee wants CC back!

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