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    Hello All,
    We are heading to CSA on July 2! We are so excited! Would love to meet others!

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    We will be there July 11th to 16th! Bob Marleys for everyone!

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    We will be there 21-26. 3 total couples 2 returners and newbies

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    We will be there July 11-21st on our Honeymoon !!! Looking forward to some beach time with my new wifey !! Will be posting on MB about some stuff if you have any insight it would be greatly appreciated.

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    We will be there the 15th-22nd. We want to set up a one love pub crawl with lenbert. If anyone wants to join it is super fun. Usually we are gone 3-4hours but back by 7pm feeling pretty good 🍺 and it is a great way to see negril. For those who are not familiar google "one love pub crawl" and let us know if you may be interested. Can't wait to return home.
    104 more sleeps.🌴🍹💃

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    Going back to our Happy Place July 1-8. Can't wait looking forward to relax/workout/eat/drink

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    This will be our 4th trip (and 10 year anniversary) July 15-22!

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