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    Default Where is the Dec 09 Meet up Thread?

    Ok - I just booked for Dec 2010. Now I have 2 countdowns going, but will only be working on 2009 for now. 168 days until we arrive.

    I didn't see the original thread on here. Don't know if it will be moved later or not, but here we are again -

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    Hi Happytimes-
    I'm here! Let the countdown begin on the new MB!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    I''m right there with you smileymon - 162 days until paradise!!!!! Everyton have a safe and happy 4th

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    Here are my girls!! Glad to see the two of you here!

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    Hi Melody-
    158 Days today for us!!

    Happy 4th of July to All!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Whooo hoooo!!!!!!

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    Hey Deet - we are now UNDER 160 days!!!!!! YeeaaHaaww

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    163 days for us!!!! Not soon enough!

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    I just read a double digit thread and I got a shiver! I can't wait until double digit boogie! 158 more days, so that means 59 more days until DDB!! Hahaha! How funny is that! Counting down days to another countdown. YUP....I got it bad...I am an addict....a Couples Addict!

    Soon Come!

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    OMG - I have been so busy with everything, it didn't dawn on me that in 55 days we will be doing the double digit dance. How close is that? Thanks for the lift!!!!

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    Happy Weekend Everyone!!
    21 more Fridays to Go!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    I have 22 more Fridays!! Still sounds good tho!!

    My step-son and new daughter in law should be at CSA right now. They left at 6:15 this am for paradise. I hope they love CSA as much as we LOVE CN!! Can't wait to hear everything when they get back!

    152 more days!!

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    148 days until paradise. Time just seems to be flying. My list: Finish Christmas shopping; finish packing; watch the time slip by until CN. Can't wait

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    141 days - moving up, we are getting lost

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    Lets keep the party going 128 days

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    126 days, 18 Fridays (weeks), but who's counting?

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    125 DAYS UNTIL PARADISE!!! Can't Wait Saving the BIG SMILE for our DOUBLE DIGIT DANCE

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    I will be there 12/7-12/11/09. We can not wait. This is our first time to Jamaica.

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    Since I post at night, I don't count today, because it is almost over. 116 DAYS UNTIL PARADISE - ONLY 17 DAYS UNTIL THE DOUBLE DIGIT DANCE BEGINS. Smilemone - you lucky duck - you only have 114 days until you are in paradise, that is only 15 days until the double digit dance. Can you believe how close it is getting. The last time I was at the doctor, I had lost 12 lbs from the previous visit. I think it is mainly from stress, but what they hey, its off. GET READY TO BOOGY

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    Happytimes -

    YEA, can't wait for the double digit dance!!
    Congratulations on the weight loss!! I really need to get is SO hard! Age and Stress don't help!! (Stress can either make you eat more or not at all.)

    We will definitely be ready to Boogey!!

    16 More Fridays!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    We're getting closer. You are closer than I am. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DOUBLE DIGIT DANCE PARTY

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    Becky - you should be hitting the double digit dance Good for you, looking forward to seeing you at CN.

    Melody - you and Larry and I get there the same day. How is your airfare going? I keep watching to see if our changes again. The last time it changed, it was in our favor, we get to leave at 7 instead of 8:30, sure hope it stays like that.

    Things are beginning to look up, dad had his last procedure, was a rough one, had to have it done twice, then he got a blood clot, but he is doing much better, has his scoot along, and at this time things couldn't be better. I am so looking forward to CN. But getting ready to do the double digit dance.

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    Hey Kids...our thread is slipping way down again!!
    We are now at 82 Days!!

    Happytimes - How is your Dad doing? Got your Christmas shopping done yet?

    Hi Melody!!

    Can't wait to see everyone! Soon Come December!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Hey all!! 83 days!! Deb, I think we arrive at MBJ at 11:30ish. What time do you land? I think we get there just before you.
    Becky, I know you get there before us, what day again?
    Fall has hit New England....I love this weather, don't want to rush it but...
    ....SOON COME!!

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