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    Looking forward to our return to Swept Away for Christmas this year. Arriving 18th -26th but will probably stay a few days in Montego Bay before due to plane fares. The more the merrier!!

    Helen & Paul

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    It will be my boyfriend and my first trip to Jamaica.. We will also be there December 18th through the 26th! ��

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    Will also be at CSA for Christmas this year, December 18-26! We were there last year also but went home Xmas day, not this year, will be leaving on the 26th.

    Also just took advantage of the resort credit promo, and booked for 2018, 2 countdowns on the go. Never thought I would be so lucky to have 2 countdowns going.

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    185 days, if anyone is counting?!!!

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    We will be returning for our 6th time. Our dates are December 1-10.

    Lou and Helen

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    We're at CSA from Dec 12-22. First time in December, we've always been summer visitors. Looking forward to a different time of year in Jamaica!
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Back for another New Years Eve (12/27-1/5). Ya mon, irie.

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    139 ��

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    Booked our flights the other day! Down to 135! Looking forward to our double digit dance!

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    We will be arriving December 17th through 26th.

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    Double digit dance baby! 99 days!

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    we will see you then, looking good so far!!

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    We booked our first stay at Couples for Dec 23th through Dec 29th! A Merry Christmas getaway to us! So excited!

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    99 days today--irie!!

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