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    Default reception cocktail party?

    Cocktails and appetizers are available at a cost of $15 (cold) or $20 (hot) what is included in this....has anyone done this before???
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    its ok i got an answer from debbie hall !!!

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    I was wondering if I should have a cocktail reception. What did you decide?

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    If i was you, I would ask Debbie hall for the menu, then you can decide,, as far as Gordborg and I, we are not going that way now, cause the food look's kinda gross, not what we would eat. And same with our family.. So we are going to Rick's cafe,for dinner and drinks.

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    gordborg.... what did she say?? Im curious!

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    I got married 11-7-09 and did the cold appetizers. I was completely and thoroughly astonished at how wonderful a job they did. My guest devoured it, and then we had lobster for dinner. I'll see if i have any pics from the buffet, because I was so busy taking pics, talking with guest and having a great time, I didn't get a single one. And I'm not at all disappointed, I'm glad my guest enjoyed all of it. As well as the private bartender. It was fabulous!

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