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    I was wondering if anyone who has done a "Swim with the Dolphins" at Dolphin Cove could please offer any feedback- good/bad/all. I am a real dolphin lover and have always wanted to do one of these. We are going to CSS in July, and since we were going to be so close, it looked like a wonderful opportunity. Is it worth the time and money? Will it be a fantastic experience or is it over-rated? Thanks so much for any input!


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    Hi Wendy! I too was wondering the same thing. We're going back in March and wanted to know if it was really worth it and the cost.

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    We did the dolphin swim there 2 years ago and it was more than worth it. I love dolphins and it was a once in a lifetime. Also included in your cost is a nature hike where you can hold parrots and iguannas and have your pictures taken. You can hold a sting ray(also photo op) and snorkel in the sting ray pool and there are some nice shops. It was a nice few hours off of the resort

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    I appreciate the feedback. It sounds wonderful and I am so excited to be able to experience it finally!

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    My wife did it and loved it!! I was there, bu did not join in due to my fear of fish (feel free to laugh!!)Name:  DSCF5196.jpg
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    My husband and I swam with the dolphins and the sharks during our stay and was worth the money. We had so much fun; it is something we will never forget. I would say spend the money to do the "Swim" program, not just the "Touch" program. People who paid to do the "Touch" program saw those of us doing the "Swim" program and said they wished they would have paid to do the "Swim" package. It was awesome...totally worth the money!!

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    LOVE the pic~ gave me goose bumps and brought tears to my eyes (now it's your turn to laugh-ha!) We will definitely do the swim program, so thank you for letting me know that. I can't imagine what it will be like. They are such magical, wonderful creatures..... sweet!!

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    O.K. everyone agrees to do the dolphin swim. But no one mentioned what resort it is at, and how much does it cost?

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    You can do the dolphin swim from CTI or CSS, the other resorts would be an all day affair.....3 hours one way.

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    here is the dolphin cove website... hope this helps...

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    Last year, we weren't blessed with great weather, so we decided to do a little more off-site. My husband really wanted to swim with the dolphins, and I thought it sounded okay, but I wasn't totally into it. At the time, they were offering a free upgrade, so we were thinking that I would do the "lowest" one (which would be bumped up to the "middle"), and he would do the "middle" (bumped to the "highest"). HOWEVER, we then found out that they were at different times, so we both did the full-blown swim thing.

    IT WAS GREAT! My husband still laughs that I talk about it all the time, and I was the one that was sort of ho-hum about it. If you're at all interested, I'd say go for it. From what I've heard from others, it's a lot less expensive than a lot of places that have similar offerings, and the facility was very nice and seemed professional, etc. You spend about a half hour in the water with the dolphins (we had a group of about six people and two dolphins). You touch them, do a dorsal-fin pull, a nose push and kisses. I don't remember what we paid exactly, but it was very well worth it.

    The only regret I have is that I didn't purchase the photo of me kissing the dolphin.

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    I did the dolphin swim in Tortola last spring. we got to ride on the dolpin's belly, dance, and get a kiss. we bought the video which was soo worth it. there were smaller fish swimming near the platform where we stood, but they don't bother you at all. We had life jackets on too, so you didn't have to worry about staying afloat. Definitely worth the trip!

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    Does anyone know whether CN offer a trip to Dolphin Cove and if so any idea on cost and transport?

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    LizzieBabyDoll - That is where we did ours, and have the photos and video as well. Awesome experience!

    I say if you have the time do it! It's something you'll never forget.

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    Jimnkelly- wasn't it great being in the mangroves and seeing other fish swim by?

    I agree- its a memory that will last you a lifetime

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