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    Default June 2018-I know its early.

    We will be there June 11-18. We are newbies, It's our first visit to couples. Who will be there then and any advice on what to bring, do etc. We are very excited even tho its 11 months away. We are going to try SSB for sure, us we are a little nervous. I'm sure we will be a lot nervous the closer we get to our trip. We can't wait.
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    We had our first visit to Couples Negril in June. We are planning to give Couples San Souci a try in June 2018 (probably 5/29-6/7). We are looking forward to our first visit to CSS and hopefully (gasp) SSB as well! Doesn't look like our trips will overlap though so we hope you have an awesome time!

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    Too bad that they don't overlap, see if you can adjust. We've met nobody going at the same time as we are yet. If not, we hope y'all have a blast. We will also try SSB, a little apprehensive but we are going to jump right in.

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    We are pretty locked in on those dates. We did a 20 year vow renewal at CN on June 2. 2017 so now we have an official Jamaican anniversary lol, and our stay in Jamaica HAS to include 6/2. Too bad you guys can't adjust your dates! We are in the DFW metro...where are you guys?

    Jeremy and Aleshea

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    Find me on Facebook jeremy.nobles33 easier to connect there :-)

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