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    Hubby and I are not PADI cert but I would like to dive at CSA this time, how long does the resort class take? How long of a dive can you do after? Thanks!!

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    If you put in some study time and have good skills you can be fully certified by the end of your second day and then you are free to dive twice daily for the rest of your stay. You can save alot of time by using and completing the book work ahead of time. This will keep you from using prime vacation time for book work. You will only need to complete your skills and test at the resort. I believe the cost is 365 each, which is very reasonable. Good luck, don't miss the night dive it will be the highlight of your trip.

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    The resort class takes one morning and then you head out for your dive early in the afternoon.

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    The resort course/free resort dive take up the better part of a morning -- starting at 9 and culminating at around 1pm.

    It's a nice way to try out scuba without committing the $$ or time to a full course.

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