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    Default Reservation Confirmation?

    First visit to CSA only weeks away. I would like to know if you receive any additional contact(email/snail mail) from Couples after trip balance is paid. My reservation included air fare.

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    If you are only weeks away I would make a call and make sure you have confirmation on your arrangements. Usually you would receive an email with the confirmation in it.

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    How did you book? Through Couple's or through a travel agent? Our travel agent always sends us our "travel documents" which included the airline itenerary, resort confirmation and other information. We get this about two weeks before our departure date. If you booked with Couple's directly you should still receive some sort of documentation, particularly for your flight either through e-mail or snail mail however you've been corresponding with them all along. It's never a bad idea to make a contact right before you go to confirm reservations with both the resort and the airline. Our travel agent just informed us that with the Northwest/Delta merger lots of travelers are being "lost in thin air" and strangely enough it's on the Delta flights.

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