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    We are leaving for CSS on Nov. 14th for our 20th anniversary and it is our first trip outside the US (but hopefully not our last). We are so excited but I'm also a little nervous. My question is about going through customs and the whole procedure. If we only have our clothes and such will we have to do anything there? If we bring gifts for the staff will that have to be declared? I know this may sound like a silly question to all you that travel a lot but I don't want to have any problems getting to paradise! Also on the way home if I buy anything there what if anything do I need to declare? Thanks in advance for all comments. 13 days!! YEAH!

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    No need to declare anything in Jamaica, but you will need to claim what you bought in Jamaica upon arrival in the US. The flight attendants will give you a form on the plane that you will fill out and have ready for customs when you land in the US.
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    You don't have to declare gifts on the Customs form - but it you are ASKED in person, by the Agent, if you have gifts say " yes, a few" , and they will pass you on through.

    Since we go at Christmas, or maybe since we travel heavy with 4 large bags, we have always been asked this. The one time I said "no", they opened one 50 lb duffel filled with gifts. Oops!

    I don't know if they will even ask you in mid-November...

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    we were there 3 months ago and going through customs was a breeze as long as your paperwork is in order. you need your passports and a form they give you on the plane. I'm not sure about declaring gifts for the staff butI don't believe that they are declarable items unless they are worth over acertain amount. If you just have your clothes all you have to do is wait your turn and show your paperwork. Same holds true for the trip home, there is an amount that you are allowed to bring back duty free
    ($600??)after that you have to pay a duty tax, I think. Have a great time.

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    YAY for you, and welcome to Couples!! Customs and immigration is a breeze, just follow the folks and get in line, it really isn't as bad as you think. Make sure you bring a pen with you on the plane to fill out your immigration forms. You need not declare anything, just breeze on through.

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    Thanks for all the advice. Can't wait to see what everyone is talking about on the MB. I'm sure I will not want to leave.

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