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    My wife and I are going to CSA in April. We booked a BFVS because of the good reviews we heard. Now in reality any floor we get we are going to deeply enjoy. But which floor is better in regards to privacy and view?
    Also, is walking on the beach at night safe or should we wait for the morning to do our sightseeing?
    Is it true that the i pod docks speakers are not that good, or should I bring a portable cd player?
    Which room is the best of the BFVS?

    Thank you so much for answering my questions.

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    If you want privacy and a view, then you should request a 2nd or 3rd floor BFVS room. Keep in mind, they won't guarantee a floor, let alone an exact room, just the room category.

    We've stayed at CSA 3 times, and have gotten a 2nd floor twice and a third floor once. By far, the best view we had was from the 3rd floor, but the steps can get old if you go in and out of your room a lot. We also like to sleep with the verandah doors open at night, so we would prefer not to have a first floor room.

    There are security guards along the CSA section of beach, but it is very dark on the beach at night, and I personally would not feel comfortable straying too far off property along the beach in the dark. Others may feel differently.

    Can't answer your ipod question, as we haven't been to CSA since last year.

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    Like bobandjudy said, It does get very dark and I would not walk the beach at night.

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    Default Thank You

    Thanks alot for the feedback if I have anymore questions Ill be sure to ask

    Thanks Again!

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